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embroidered Patches FAQ

If you are looking for embroidered custom patches, you might have some questions about them. You can always contact your creative specialist who knows a lot about custom patches and can help you with any doubts you might have, but what if you need the answer right away and you can’t talk to your creative specialist until the next day? You can read this blog and hopefully it will give you the answers you are looking for.

What is the order process?

The order process usually involves selecting your patch design, specifying details like size and quantity, and then placing your order online or through a customer service representative.

Can I see a preview of my patches before they are produced?

Yes, We provide a digital preview or sample of your patches for approval before production begins.

What is the estimated delivery time for my patches?

The estimated delivery time for patches can vary, but it’s typically between 10 days after you approve the design.

How do you calculate the prices for your patches?

Prices for patches are calculated based on factors like size, complexity of design, number of colors used, and the quantity ordered.

How do I measure the size of my patches?

To measure the size of your patches, measure the height and width in inches. For irregular shapes, use the widest and tallest points for measurements.

Can you create any color that I want for my patches?

Yes, we can create almost any color you want for your patches. We use a wide range of thread colors to match your specific requirements.

Will the colors of your patches fade or change over time?

The colors of our patches are designed to be durable, but like any dyed material, they can fade or change slightly over time, especially with frequent washing or exposure to sunlight.

What should I consider before placing an order with your company?

Before placing an order, consider factors like the type of patch you need, the design’s complexity, the quantity, delivery time, and your budget.

How are embroidered, woven, and dye sublimated patches different from each other?

Embroidered patches have designs sewn with thread onto a base fabric. Woven patches use thinner threads tightly woven together for a flat, detailed design. Dye sublimated patches involve printing the design onto the patch, allowing for vibrant, complex images and color gradations.

What kind of patch is best for designs that have a lot of details?

For designs with a lot of details, dye sublimated patches are usually the best choice. They allow for intricate designs and a wide range of colors without losing clarity.

Do you offer any special backing options for patches?

Yes, we offer various backing options for patches, including iron-on, Velcro, adhesive, and sew-on backings, to suit different application needs.

How can I ensure I’ll be satisfied with my patch design?

To ensure satisfaction with your patch design, review and approve the digital sample provided, communicate any specific needs or concerns, and make sure all details like colors and sizes are as you want them.

Can I wash your custom patches in a washing machine?

Embroidered patches can generally be washed in a washing machine, especially if they are sewn on. However, it’s best to use a gentle cycle and avoid harsh detergents to maintain their appearance.

Can you deliver my order by any date that I need it?

While we strive to meet specific delivery dates, our ability to do so depends on the complexity of your order, the quantity, and our current production schedule. It’s best to discuss your needs upfront to see if the desired delivery date is feasible.

Can you replicate a design I already have?

Yes, we can replicate a design you already have. Just provide us with a clear image or sample of your existing design, and we will reproduce it as closely as possible.

Can I get assistance from a designer to refine my patch idea?

Yes, many companies offering custom patches provide assistance from a designer to help refine your patch idea and ensure it meets your expectations.

What does “embroidery coverage” mean?

“Embroidery coverage” refers to the percentage of the patch surface covered by embroidery. Common coverage options include 50%, 75%, and 100% embroidery, with higher coverage meaning more of the patch’s surface is embroidered.

How many color options are available for custom patches?

The number of color options available for custom patches varies, but most companies offer a wide range of thread colors, often exceeding 50 or more different shades to choose from.

What is the recommended backing for cotton-based garments?

For cotton-based garments, the recommended backing is usually an iron-on backing. It provides a strong bond and is easy to apply with a standard iron.

What is the recommended backing for polyester (spandex and nylon) garments?

For polyester, nylon, and spandex garments, a sew-on backing is often recommended to avoid damage from the heat of an iron-on application. Velcro backing can also be a good option, especially for garments where you might want to remove or change patches.

What is the recommended backing for vinyl garments?

For vinyl garments, adhesive backing is often recommended because it’s less likely to damage the material than heat-applied backings. Sew-on options can also work if you’re able to sew on vinyl without damaging it.

What is the recommended backing for workout apparel (track pants, etc.)?

For workout apparel like track pants, a flexible backing like Velcro or iron-on is recommended. These backings allow for movement and are durable enough to withstand frequent washing.

What is the maximum number of colors for embroidered custom patches?

The maximum number of colors for embroidered custom patches varies, but it’s common to see a limit of around 7-12 colors due to technical and aesthetic constraints in embroidery.

What is the minimum quantity for custom patch orders?

we are flexible with the quantity of custom patch orders. You can order as few as 10 patches or as many as you need. We don’t have any high minimums or hidden fees.

Do you offer any discounts, such as military discounts or senior discounts?

We appreciate our customers and want to reward them with discounts. If you are a military member, a senior citizen, or have any other special status, you may be eligible for a lower price. Just contact us and let us know your situation, and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

What payment methods are accepted?

We offer a variety of payment methods for your convenience. You can pay with your credit cardPayPal account, or bank transfer

What is your policy for canceling an order?

Cancellation policies for custom orders like patches can be strict, as work often begins soon after an order is placed. We allow cancellations within a short window after ordering, but generally, once production has started, cancellation might not be possible or could incur a fee.

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