Direct Embroidery vs Patch Embroidery

Direct Embroidery vs Patch Embroidery: Which Is the Best Choice for Your Project?

Do you need an efficient and accurate way to decorate fabric with intricate patterns and designs? Embroidery is a great option! However, choosing between direct …

Can You Iron On Patches to Leather

Can You Iron On Patches to Leather?

Nothing says style and individuality like customizing your leather jacket with an iron-on patch. You know the ones — they come in all shapes and …

How to Sew a Patch on a Jacket

How to Sew a Patch on a Jacket?

Have you ever seen a fashion trend of an old, worn-out denim jacket with patches adorning it? It looks like the perfect statement piece to …

How to Make Your Own Iron on Patches

How to Make Your Own Iron on Patches?

Do you love customizing your clothing and adding personal touches to apparel? If the answer is yes, then this blog post is for you! In …

How to Sew a Patch on Jeans

How to Sew a Patch on Jeans?

Patchwork is one of the most creative and practical ways to breathe new life into your favorite pair of jeans. Whether you opt for subtle …

Display Patches

12 Creative Ways to Display Your Patches

Are you looking to add a personal touch while also expressing your style? The patches are the perfect accessory for adding flair and personality to …

How to Iron a Patch On a Shirt Like a Pro

How to Iron a Patch On a Shirt Like a Pro?

Do you have a favorite shirt or jacket full of patches and emblems? You know the type; perhaps it’s your favorite band’s logo or an …

How to Remove Sewn On Patches

How to Remove Sewn On Patches?

Do you have a cherished item of clothing decorated with sewn-on patches? Or perhaps a beloved winter coat in need of some TLC? Then you’ve …

How to Sew a Patch On a Hat

How to Sew a Patch On a Hat?

Sewing patches is an excellent way to give new life to old hats or create something unique. Whether skilled with the needle and thread or …

How To Make Embroidered Patches

How To Make Embroidered Patches?

Embroidered patches are a simple way to add personality and uniqueness to any fabric item – from t-shirts to jackets, hats, bags, and more. So …

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