Flat Embroidery Patches

Flat Embroidery Patches – Enhance Your Outfit

Have you ever wondered how to make your clothes stand out in a crowd? Flat embroidery patches are one of the best options to go …

Satin Edge Patches

Satin Edge Patches – Everything You Need to Know

Embroidered patches are a fun craft, but adding a smooth, finished satin edge border elevates your designs to the next level. Let’s explore how to …

Twill Fabric for Embroidery Patches

Twill Fabric for Embroidery Patches – Ultimate Guide

If you’re into making custom embroidery patches, twill fabric is a perfect base material. This post will share everything about Twill from years of experience …

Felt Fabrics For Patches

Felt Fabric For Patches and How to Design and Make One

Felt is a versatile fabric that lends itself beautifully to creating custom patches. This fabric allows you to design and stitch bold graphic elements that …


History and Evolution of the Varsity Jacket

There is a sense of pride that comes with wearing a varsity jacket. For many high school and college students, wearing the symbol of their …

15 Motorcycle Patches to Avoid

15 Motorcycle Patches to Avoid

Like any other jacket, motorcycle jackets can be customized with patches. While some patches may be harmless, others may send a negative message or be …

How to Choose Embroidery Thread Color

Embroidery, a timeless art, demands meticulous effort. Every stitch craves the ideal thread hue, turning a mere project into a masterpiece. But you may not …

Display Patches

12 Creative Ways to Display Your Patches

Are you looking to add a personal touch while also expressing your style? The patches are the perfect accessory for adding flair and personality to …

How to Iron a Patch On a Shirt Like a Pro

How to Iron a Patch On a Shirt Without Damaging It?

Do you have a favorite shirt or jacket full of patches and emblems? You know the type; perhaps it’s your favorite band’s logo or an …

Iron On vs Sew On Patches

Iron On vs Sew On Patches Which is Right for You?

While iron-on patches offer convenience and speed for attaching patches, sew-on patches provide greater flexibility and durability. Although sew-on patches require more effort and some …

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