Direct Embroidery vs Patch Embroidery

Direct Embroidery vs Patch Embroidery – Best Choice for Your Project?

Do you need an efficient and accurate way to decorate fabric with intricate patterns and designs? Embroidery is a great option! However, choosing between direct …

What is the Ideal Size for a Custom Patch

What is the Ideal Patch Size for Your Needs?

The creation of a custom patch is not limited to the choice or outlook of the patch rather it also includes the organization’s standards or …

Meanings Behind the Sons of Anarchy Patches

Meanings Behind the Sons of Anarchy Patches

Sons of Anarchy, the popular TV series. Its intense drama, compelling characters, and intricate storylines captivated audiences. The overall theme of the series revolved around …

What is a varsity letter

What Is A Varsity Letter?

What is a varsity letter?  A varsity letter or monogram symbolizes remarkable achievements in sports and academics, its historical roots can be traced back to …

Types of Patches

12 Different Types of Patches | Guide on Custom Patches

Stitching designs of personal preference on a piece of cloth or fabric is known as “designing custom patches”. The word patch is not new to …

How to Make Custom PVC Patches

How to Make PVC Patches? | A Complete Guide!

Vibrant colors, beautiful design, and unmatched appeal fixated on a certain position. No, we are not talking about rainbows but PVC patches! Yes! Made out …

How To Iron On A Patch Without An Iron

How To Iron On A Patch Without An Iron?

Want to add a personal flair to your clothes without using an iron? No matter how much you love clothes, there is always that ONE …

How to Iron a Patch on Jeans

How to Iron a Patch on Jeans? – Give Your Ripped Jeans a Second Life

Maybe you have a hole in your favorite pair of jeans and want to cover it up, or perhaps you just want to add a …

Best Embroidery Products for Your Business

Best Embroidery Products For Business

Do you want to take your business to the next level? Then, embroidery products like patches are your key to success. But what if you …

Can You Iron On Patches to Leather

Can You Iron On Patches to Leather?

Nothing says style and individuality like customizing your leather jacket with an iron-on patch. You know the ones — they come in all shapes and …

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