What is the Ideal Patch Size for Your Needs?

The creation of a custom patch is not limited to the choice or outlook of the patch rather it also includes the organization’s standards or requirements. When I opt for a patch to design, my first query is about the average patch size. With a large variety of materials from fabric to metal, the size and the cost matter. For instance, you cannot design giant patches on metal within a low budget. So, I consider patch sizes essential for the best placement, design, and creation. To go to an average patch size, I have gathered enough information on “Ideal Patch size?”

What is the Ideal Size for a Custom Patch? Explore Size facts

Patch manufacturers are often confused about the patch size. However, I consider the following factors while choosing the correct patch size:

  • Placement of the patch
  • Requirement of the institute
  • Material of the patch
  • Budget of the patches

Plastic or metal patches often cost higher. So, I have seen the majority of the metal or small plastic patches. Similarly, giant patches or embroidered patches are designed on fabric, stick-on material. Have a look at basic types of patches to understand their size and application.

Small Patches

Small patches are often designed to place on sleeves and chest. Usually, 3 to 3.5 inches iron on patches are considered small patches. Small patches have a compact design with to-the-point information on them. Usually, small patches are designed on metal or plastic. Logo patches for sports teams, and employees of different institutes carry small patches on their uniforms.

Medium Patches

Medium patches are often 4 to 5 inches large. Medium patches are visible from a distance. That is why organizations like firefighters, security institutes, and boy scouts opt for medium patches. Medium patches are also placed on the chest or sleeves.

Large Patches

Large patches are often giant patches. Those who order for large patches opt embroidered patch size for the front. On the other hand, bikers or racing teams have large patches on the back with a stick–on the material. That is why racing teams can be distinguished at high speed due to large patches on the back.

Patch sizes that organizations often use a lot

Military PatchesMilitary patches consist of 3” to 4.5” inches with the institute logo and title.

Biker Patches: Biker patches are unique in placement as they are placed on the back of shirts and jackets. So, the size of these patches is bigger than other regular patches with 12 inches in height or width. 

Boy Scout Patches: Boy Scout patches also differ in shape but the standard patch size remains 3 inches.

Fire Patches: Fire Fighter patches are often larger than regular sizes with 4 to 5-inch.

Patches For Letterman JacketsPatches for letterman jackets are also of small size with 3 to 4.5 inches.

Hockey Patches: Hockey patches use an average patch size of 3 inches.

Girl Scout Patches: The commonly used size of Girl Scout patches is 3 inches. However, you can find them in different shapes most frequently in rectangular shapes.  

Airsoft PatchesAirsoft patches have a size of 3 to 4 inches.

Police Patches: Police patches usually carry the logo of the institute. The height of a police patch may range from 4-5 inches with different dimensions.

Soccer Patches: Soccer patches are placed in front of the shirts or jackets. These are also of small size ranging from 3 to 4 inches.

How can I figure out the right size of the patch to choose?

There is no fixed patch size to choose from. It all depends upon the uniform’s need and choice. Firstly, you need to select a suitable shape for the patch. Patches can be square, rectangular, circular, or other customized shape.

As you decide on the suitable shape that matches your institute’s standard, it gets easier to select the desired height and width of the patch. After deciding on design and shape, you need to go with the industry-standard formula as given below:

Patch Size = (height of the patch + Width of the patch) /2

After applying this formula, it is essential to assess the actual size of the patch and the desired size of the patch. Thus, you can get the best size that meets your industry standards.

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Are there any industry standards or guidelines for custom patch sizes?

Yes, there is an industry-standard formula to get the best custom patch size. You need to add the selected height and width of the patch.  Then divide it by 2 to get the best size.

What is the most common patch size?

The most common patch size is 3 to 4 inches.

What are standard patch sizes?

There is no standard patch size. Patches carry custom designs and sizes depending upon the need for the uniform and placement of the patch.

What is the standard logo patch size?

The standard logo patch size is 3.5 inches.

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