Meanings Behind the Sons of Anarchy Patches

Meanings Behind the Sons of Anarchy Patches

Sons of Anarchy, the popular TV series. Its intense drama, compelling characters, and intricate storylines captivated audiences. The overall theme of the series revolved around an outlaw motorcycle club that grabbed the attention of many viewers. A significant aspect of the show’s visual identity lies in the iconic patches worn by the members of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club (SAMCRO).

These patches not only serve as symbols of affiliation but also carry deep meanings and reflect the hierarchy within the club. These iconic patches became a sign of affiliation and pride for patch lovers. Knowing the meanings behind the Sons of Anarchy Patches, fans love to wear and flaunt them.

What Are the Sons of Anarchy Patches

The world of Sons of Anarchy is richly adorned with various patches representing different aspects of club life. These custom patches signify membership and denote rank, roles, and achievements within the club. Understanding the hierarchy and structure of these patches is crucial in deciphering their meanings.

Main Patches and Their Meanings

Let’s look at the first category of the patches, which is the Main patches showing their unique affiliation and meanings.

Club Patch

Club Patch

At the heart of every SAMCRO member’s vest lies the club patch, the most significant emblem symbolizing their affiliation and commitment to the club. The patch features a distinct design with intricate elements that hold deep meanings.

The SAMCRO logo, prominently displayed, embodies the unity, brotherhood, and loyalty shared among club members. The colors used in the patch, such as red and white, carry symbolic significance, representing courage, passion, and purity.

Each element of the club patch, from the skull imagery to the Reaper’s scythe, tells a story of the club’s values, reminding members of their unwavering dedication to SAMCRO.

President Patch

President Patch

The club president holds a position of authority and responsibility within the organization. President Patch symbolizes their status and commands respect from other members. It signifies their leadership, strength, and the weight of their duties.

The patch typically features unique design elements, often incorporating the club’s logo, the Grim Reaper, and other symbolic imagery. It serves as a mark of honor, representing the President’s dedication, loyalty, and commitment to the club’s values and mission.

Vice President Patch

Vice President Patch

As the second-in-command, the Vice President plays a crucial role in supporting and assisting the President in overseeing club operations. The patch represents the authority and leadership entrusted to the Vice President, symbolizing their importance within the club structure.

It signifies their position as a trusted advisors and readiness to step in when needed. The design of Vice President Patch often includes distinctive elements that highlight their role and responsibilities, emphasizing their standing as key figures within the club.

Secretary Patch

Secretary Patch

The secretary’s role involves maintaining records, handling club correspondence, and ensuring smooth operations. The secretary patch symbolizes the authority and responsibilities associated with the secretary position.

Adorned with specific design elements, the secretary patch represents the dedication and attention to detail required for the role. It signifies the importance of record-keeping and administrative tasks within SAMCRO.

Sergeant-at-Arms Patch

Sergeant-at-Arms Patch

The Sergeant-at-Arms patch within the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club represents a position of authority and responsibility. The patch is worn by an individual entrusted with maintaining order, enforcing club rules, and ensuring the club’s and its members’ security.

The patch may feature symbols such as crossed rifles, indicating their role in maintaining peace and discipline. The Sergeant-at-Arms patch is a visible symbol of the power and authority bestowed upon this member within the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club hierarchy.

Prospect Patch

Prospect Patch

Prospects are individuals seeking membership in the club, going through a probationary period to prove their loyalty, dedication, and commitment to the club. The prospect patch symbolizes their probationary status, representing their desire to earn full membership.

The patch often features specific design elements that distinguish them from full members. It symbolizes potential, growth, and the opportunity to prove oneself as a valuable addition to the club’s brotherhood.

Other Club Officer Patches

In addition to the prominent patches there are offer patches in SOA that holds significant meaning:

  • The treasurer patch symbolizes the individual’s responsibility for managing the club’s finances and ensuring financial stability.
  • The road captain patch signifies leading and organizing club rides, ensuring the safety and coordination of SAMCRO’s motorcycle journeys.

Sons of Anarchy Back Patches

The back of a SAMCRO member’s vest features distinctive patches that carry significant meanings and tell stories of the club’s history and achievements.

Men of Mayhem Patch

The Men of Mayhem patch represents a particular status earned by members. These members have demonstrated their commitment and willingness to engage in acts of violence on behalf of the club.

To earn the Men of Mayhem patch, members must have participated in an act of extreme violence, typically involving taking a life.

First 9 Patch

The First 9 patch pays homage to the founding members of SAMCRO and holds historical significance. The patch symbolizes the club’s roots, representing the original nine individuals who came together to form SAMCRO. The First 9 patch carries immense significance as it serves as a reminder of the club’s origins and the brotherhood forged by those visionary members.

It is a testament to their dedication, loyalty, and the enduring legacy they created within the Sons of Anarchy universe.

Reaper Patch

The Reaper patch is an iconic emblem features the image of the Grim Reaper, a powerful symbol of death and mortality. The Reaper represents the club’s willingness to confront and embrace the darker aspects of life.

The imagery of the Grim Reaper carries profound symbolism, reminding club members of the constant presence of death and the risks they face as outlaws. It is a continuous reminder of the dangers associated with their lifestyle and the bonds of brotherhood within SAMCRO.

Son Patch

The Son patch represents the membership and loyalty of the club members. The patch holds a profound interpretation that symbolizes the bond shared among club members.

The Son patch typically features the word “Son” or an abbreviation, often accompanied by additional design elements or variations that may indicate specific roles or achievements within the club. It serves as a mark of identification and pride for those who wear it, signifying their commitment to the club’s values and brotherhood.

Regional and Charter Patches

SAMCRO has different charters and regional affiliations, let’s find out meanings behind it.

Redwood Original Meaning Patch

The Redwood Original Patch signifies the founding chapter of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club. It represents the origins and roots of SAMCRO, indicating the original charter where the club was established.

Nomad Patch

Nomad members of SAMCRO lead a more transient lifestyle, unaffiliated with a specific charter. They often travel and operate independently, embodying a sense of freedom and wanderlust. The Nomad patch represents this special status and symbolizes their nomadic existence within the club. It is a badge of honour and distinction, reflecting these members’ resilience, self-sufficiency, and adaptability.


The Sons of Anarchy patches hold immense meaning within the world of SAMCRO, representing loyalty, brotherhood, hierarchy, and the club’s rich history. Understanding the significance of these patches adds depth to our appreciation of the show and its intricate storytelling. Whether it’s the club patch, president patch, or the iconic Reaper patch, each emblem tells a story and reflects the values and ideals of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are vests called in Sons of Anarchy?

In Sons of Anarchy, the vests worn by club members are called “cuts” or “club cuts.” These vests display the patches representing their affiliation and rank within the motorcycle club.

What is meant by the patches on the biker’s vests?

The patches on biker’s vests, particularly in motorcycle clubs like Sons of Anarchy, represent aspects such as club affiliation, hierarchy, roles, achievements, and significant symbols that hold meaning within the club’s culture and traditions.

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