Flat Embroidery Patches – Enhance Your Outfit

Flat Embroidery Patches

Have you ever wondered how to make your clothes stand out in a crowd? Flat embroidery patches are one of the best options to go for. These vibrant patches are not just decorations; they express your personality and style.

Ideal for both fashion enthusiasts and creative spirits, these embroidery patches offer a fun and affordable way to personalize your belongings. We will help you understand the world of patches and see how they can transform your look!

What are Flat Embroidery Patches And How Are They Manufactured?

They are decorative pieces you can stitch onto fabric. They’re then trimmed and given a backing to help them stick better. You’ll see these patches on clothes, bags, and hats. The “flat” in their name means the design is smooth and flat against the fabric, without any bumpy or raised parts. Here are the steps we follow to make your desired patches.

1. Getting the Design Ready

First up, we start with a design—anything you can think of, from a catchy logo to a cool graphic. But before it can hit the fabric, we need to turn it into a language the embroidery machine understands. This is called digitization. It’s like telling the machine exactly where to stitch, how to stitch, and what colors to use, all through specialized software.

2. Prepping the Fabric

Next, we pick a sturdy fabric, usually something like twill because it holds stitches well and stays put. This fabric gets stretched tightly in a hoop that fits into the embroidery machine. It’s important to get this step just right to avoid any slip-ups that could mess up the design.

3. Machine Function

Now, our machine takes over. Following the digitized plan, it stitches out the design using a few key stitch types:

  • Run Stitch: Great for detailed work and outlines.
  • Satin Stitch: This one fills in bigger areas with a smooth, flat stitch that looks really neat.
  • Tatami Stitch: Used for filling in even larger spaces with a textured, woven look.

4. Trimming and Finishing Touches

Once the machine’s done, the patch isn’t quite ready yet. It’s cut out from the main fabric, and we tidy up the edges to keep everything from fraying. Depending on what you need, we might add an iron-on backing or even Velcro for patches that need to come off and on easily.

5. Backing Application

Lastly, we apply backing to the patch to finish it. There are different types of backings we use and it depends on how the patch will be used:

  • Iron-on Backing: This has a heat-activated glue that can be applied to clothing with an iron.
  • Velcro Backing: This is used for patches that need to be removable, like on military uniforms.
  • Adhesive Backing: For temporary applications, a sticker-like backing might be used.

Benefits of Embroidery Fabric Patches

They are great for spicing up your clothes or bags! Here’s why they’re so popular:

  1. Clean Design

The neat thing about these patches is how the flat stitching keeps the design smooth and flush against the fabric. This makes flat or custom embroidered patches look clean and detailed, without any bulky or raised parts.

  1. Durability and Long Lasting

These patches are tough! Since they’re flat sew-on patches, they stick well to any material without peeling or getting snagged. This means they last a long time, no matter where you put them. The thread we use does not degrade over time, it has high durability.

  1. Affordable Flat Embroidery Patches

Another awesome part of these patches is that they won’t break the bank. They’re a super cost-effective way to make something plain look unique and special.

Where You Can Use Flat Embroidery Patches

They are super versatile and can add personality to almost anything you wear or carry. Here are some cool places you might see them:

Benefits of Embroidery Fabric Patches


Let’s consider your favorite jacket, hat, or even a team uniform. Adding decorative patches for clothing can make your items stunning and show off your style or team spirit. Whether it’s a cool design or a logo, patches make ordinary clothes look awesome.


Patches aren’t just for clothes. They look great on bags, backpacks, and totes too. Imagine turning a simple bag into something special with a unique patch. You can get personalized embroidery patches on your stuff that will look awesome.

Promotional Purpose

Got an event coming up? Flat embroidery patches make great promotional items. They’re perfect for custom giveaways if you own a brand and you want to promote it. You can also sell your brand name by getting our patches of your logo on bags, t-shirts, and wallets.

Why Choose Today Patches?

When you’re looking for the perfect flat embroidery patches, you want to pick a company that stands out from the rest. Here’s why Today Patches is a great choice:

Years of Expertise: Today Patches isn’t new to this game. We’ve spent 20 years mastering the art of flat embroidery. Our experience means we know exactly how to deliver the best-looking custom patches.

Commitment to Quality: We use only the top materials and pay close attention to craftsmanship. Every patch we make is a little piece of art. We’re serious about making them strong, beautiful, and just right.

Customization and Design Support: Your patch should be as unique as you are! We offer a huge range of customization options. Plus, if you need help with your design, our team is here to support you every step of the way.

Great Prices and Quick Service: Worried about the cost? Don’t be. We offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality. And we’re quick! We’ve got you covered if you need your patches in a hurry.

Outstanding Customer Service: Your happiness is our top priority. Our team is dedicated to helping you with any questions or concerns. Plus, we stand behind our products with a satisfaction guarantee. Our work secured 2600+ satisfied and regular clients and also delivered around 44,000+ patches till now.


Get started with your design today!

Why wait? Select your options, share your artwork, and we’ll get you started on your custom patches.

I’m Paul Taylor, the founder and owner of Today Patches. I have over 18 years of experience in embroidery and patch design. Today Patches is a one-stop shop for all your custom patch needs, whether you want to personalize your clothing, accessories, or gifts. I work with a talented team of graphic artists and embroiderers to create high-quality patches that reflect your style and vision. I also love to share my knowledge and tips on embroidery, patch making, and fashion on this blog. I hope you enjoy browsing our gallery and reading our posts. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact me anytime. I would love to hear from you!

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