Custom Chenille Patches

Are you looking for unique artwork for your brand? If yes, go for chenille patches. Chenille embroidery is different from traditional embroidery on the patches. Custom patch makers use short lengths of two-core Chenille yarns. Then, these are joined down upward to give a finish just like a carpet has.

TodayPatches designs chenille patches for Special events, anniversaries, fan conventions, and high fashion events. Vintage outlook and personalization instigate the fabric stores and high fashion brands opt this option for branding and promotion purposes. Embroidery and chenille patches can be transformed into any size, shape, and design. This flexibility merchandise the chenille patches globally.

Custom Chenille Patches


Why Chenille Patches?

Chenille Patches are appealing alternatives to traditional patches. Chenille logos and fabric make the lettering clearer and readable from a distance. Custom embroidery patches are popular elements on the Varsity jackets and letterman jackets. In addition, academic institutions and sports teams also use customized patches to display achievements in one’s attire.

Benefits of Chenille Patches

It is quite easy to switch your creative artwork into a customized patch. It holds several benefits as given below:

  • Highly Collaborative
  • More sustainable
  • Highly-customizable
  • Prevent attires from pocking holes
  • User-friendly application and removal


Highly Collaborative

Mascot logos enhance the collaboration of the individual with their team, club, or association. 

More Sustainable

The superb sustainability makes them a favorite for branding and promotion purposes. It does not fade out for years. Frequent washes of the clothes keep the customized patch fresh and eye-catching.



Advanced technology has improved the artwork and lettering size of the patches. A chenille patch size can be increased to any length and width. Moreover, Haute couture frequently uses these patches for self-expression and promotions. Its personalization makes it more popular.

Prevent attires from pocking holes

It is quite easy to apply without damaging the clothes. You can simply iron on the shirt or jacket without picking holes in it. 

User-friendly application and removal

Users can easily remove it and paste it on other shirts or desired outerwear.

TodayPatches creates vibrant and vintage chenille patches. We help you reveal your milestones and life goals. Our professionals create louder and bolder chenille patches with charming colors and durable fabric. Get us today for the quote and enjoy amazing discounts on bulk orders. 

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