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Compared to the traditional stitched patch, a PVC one is more up-to-date and practical. These are made from long-lasting plastic and are available in various colors to help you achieve a sophisticated appearance. Also, custom PVC patches are not created with thread in contrast to their embroidered counterparts.

Get Your Custom PVC Patches From Us!

We have been creating and producing custom PVC patches for more than ten years to set your team apart from the competition.

Durability Of Patches

These are utilized as a replacement for rubber and embroidered emblems because of their extreme durability. PVC patches for clothing are more durable than embroidered ones and can withstand water. This makes them perfect for sports, military morale patches, or any other durability use, such as the great outdoors.


Try a PVC patch instead of an embroidered one for a more up-to-date look such as PVC hat patches. They can make any design, no matter how complex or unusual it may seem, to order. They can be used on a variety of different types of gear, including airsoft and military gear. 

Grab Your Custom PVC Patches from Us

When it comes to custom PVC patches, the team here at Today Patches knows what they’re talking about. To elevate your style to the next level, we provide a variety of customizable alternatives. Shirts, coats, and bags of all kinds may be made uniquely with the help of customized solutions.

We’re here to assist you, no matter if this is your first time ordering or if you’re a seasoned pro. Several custom PVC patches with minimum sizes, a wide variety of thread colors, and a selection of backings are just ways we use.

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How to Get Started with Us?

If you’re ready to proceed, give us a call or submit the completely free price request form. Getting a response from you is something we’re eagerly anticipating.

  • Step 1 - Decide On A Patch Design

    Pick up your perfect design from our wide variety of options (Custom PVC Patches, Custom 3D PVC patches, etc.). We offer the one that fits your requirements and your wallet!

  • Step 2 - Submit The Contact Form With The Appropriate Information

    We will promptly provide a Free online copy of your patch design when you complete our no-obligation free quotation form.

  • Step 3 - Check The Artwork Proof For Accuracy

    The copy is editable till it meets your standards. Any alterations or additional artwork will be completed at no additional cost.

  • Step 4 - Finalize Your Order

    If everything seems OK, go ahead and place your purchase. Your PVC patches will arrive quickly, and at no extra cost, anyplace in the continental United States.

Custom PVC Patches

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Frequently Asked Questions

We Don't Use The Term "Custom" Lightly

When you order from us, you may choose the exact dimensions, style, colors, design, and kind of backing for your embellished patches. We'll work with you to tailor these patches to your exact specifications. Request and our creative team would be happy to assist you with designing your custom PVC patches.

Bottom Line

Our exceptional professionalism and complete satisfaction guarantee cover every PVC patches. Please don't hesitate to email or call us toll-free with any inquiries. You may also visit our free quote page if you're prepared to have your estimate.

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We the people at Today Patches provide the best custom embroidery patches.

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